Saturday, January 20, 2018

SOA Composite incorrectly appear in failed state in EM Console

SOA Composite incorrectly appear in failed state in EM Console

You just restarted SOA servers, and verified the SOA platform is ready and accepting requests.
However when you look back at "Deployed Composite" tab under SOA folder in EM console, all the composites appear to be in failed state, and the page looks different from how it looks during healthy SOA status.

The below screen shows how the EM console appears in this case. The red dots with white cross encircled do not appears normally.

This usually happens when you continue to use the same browser session that was open before you shutdown and restarted SOA servers. Do not worry, mostly there is no issue with your  SOA servers.

To fix this, Simply log out from SOA EM Console and log back in again, the the EM console page should appear normal.

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